Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Prayer Squad singing with Mattie!

I truly have met some wonderful women who love the Lord!

The RV Prayer Squad is an answer to their prayers. The video is of us in a 6th generation plantation home celebrating the break down of racial walls and praying over the concerns of our area in the northeastern section of North Carolina.

The prayer squad began when God placed a desire within the heart of the owner of this deep seated southern farm, to reach out to the descendants of the slaves who worked there many years ago. Then she met a northerner who came to town, in whom God placed a desire to bring all the Christian sisters, regardless of race or denomination, together to pray over the valley. They were introduced, started talking and realized God had brought them together to organize a prayer squad to usher in unity in the region. In their midst were two wonderful African American sisters who had been praying for over 16 years for the children of God to worship Him as one. God always accomplishes His purpose

We have been meeting quarterly for over two years and even though friendships have been forged, there is still a need to serve our community in a united effort. What that effort will be, we don't know yet. is coming soon! There are some barriers still to break but once again we will see that God will accomplish His purpose.

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